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I am so excited to be doing this giveaway!!!

The Lavender Giveaway will be running through until Sunday April 6th at midnight CST

The winner will be receiving the following prize:

1-125ml jar of Lavender Bath Salts


1-125ml jar of Lavender Sugar Scrub


1-125ml jar of Lavender Body Butter


as well as a hand knit washcloth!!


Please share with your friends and the winner will be announced Monday April 7th 2014!!

Peace, Love and Crunchiness
Earthy Mama 

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Herbal Oils

I love herbal infused oils, so versatile and simple to make yourself! I have a number ‘brewing’ at the moment and thought I would share a bit about them with you. A few and some of their uses that we have on the window sill are:

Arnica (Arnica Montana)- Sore Muscles or Bruises

Calendula(Calendula Officinalis)- Great for Rashes or Eczema

Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia)-Headache Relief or Relaxation

I have them all infusing in olive oil and each herb has different medicinal properties as you can see. I am planning on making some healing salves with these particular oils once they are finished.


Peace, Love and Crunchiness
Earthy Mama

How it all began

I wasn’t always earthy, crunchy or a hippie, well..maybe I was, but my crunchiness has sort have grown to be more as I have aged and some things have happened that make me crunchy without me choosing for them to.

The first kinda big crunchy move I remember was when I was 12 years old, I stopped eating meat (and haven’t since, I am turning 28 years old this year). I was a vegetarian for three years and in that time researched and also decided to get dairy products out of my diet.

That lasted another three years when I found out I had Celiac Disease at 18 years old. At that point there wasn’t the same products on the market there is now so I had to learn how to cook healthy from scratch, which I am totally thankful for now. There was no way I was going to eat meat but I did have to add dairy and eggs back into my diet in order to have something to eat.

That same year I found out I was expecting my first baby, and like many first time moms this was a game changer. My whole universe switched and was all about the tiny life I had growing inside me. Looking back at it, for a young mom I did pretty well on educating myself and making informed decisions with little resources available to me about natural child birth, exclusively breastfeeding, keeping my baby whole and babywearing heck I even looked into a midwife!

So my birth went ok, it was in hospital and was drug free (at this time there was no local midwife), Wild Thing was left whole, he did have his first round of vaccines and had a bad reaction so I looked into them (and still do look into them all the time) and decided against them for now. We had every issue and very little support with breastfeeding but we stuck it out and made it 24 months!

It seemed that Attachment Parenting just came natural to me, even though I had no idea what Attachment Parenting was for many years later. Now this makes total sense but then I felt as though I was all alone in my parenting style and parented different then all those around me and was steady told I was doing this or that wrong. I couldn’t imagine leaving my precious baby with someone else or letting him cry alone in his crib, the third night home from the hospital he came into the mama bed and the crib ended up being just a really big toy box! So we walked our own path and grew together as a family.

Then two years later came Flower Child she was born at a birthing centre in a birthing tub, with a wonderful midwife, I caught her myself and it was magic. She changed my views on birth completely. She also nursed for 24 months, no issues. We baby wore, bed shared, life went on.

At this time Wild Thing was going to be entering school, and we always had noticed that something was different about him, we were totally 100% ok with this but we didn’t want him to have issues in school and wanted him to love learning so we decided to look into it more.

After countless tests and meetings we found out that he as Asperger’s Syndrome, for those who do not know what it is here is a link where you can learn more.  We got his diagnosis had meetings with the school everything seemed like it would be great. Wrong! We ended up pulling him out because of bullying, and it wasn’t by the other kids but the school staff.  We didn’t want our children to hate learning and that is what was happening, now I am not saying all schools are like this but the local schools were and we were not ok with this.

This was a whole new adventure, I hadn’t been the best student in the past and was not sure if I was able to teach him but I knew I had to find a way, I couldn’t stand to see my little boy in so much pain. I quit my job and was then a stay at home mama. I then like always dove in and researched for hours and days about different homeschooling methods and curriculums until I found what I felt would work for our family. We ended up going with a Waldorf inspired method and I will get more into that later.

I homeschooled Wild Thing through kindergarden and Flower Child pre-school. We found out we were expecting baby #3 in 2012. Love Bug came that fall, we were supposed to have a home birth with our midwife but he decided he couldn’t wait for her or the doctor so we ended up having him at hospital with Earthy Daddy and a nurse! Love Bug is my crunchiest baby of all! With him we found cloth diapering and baby led weaning as well as woven wraps. He was exclusively breastfed for 15 months, he has had no interest in food until recently, and he is still going strong breastfeeding. We have baby wore more then ever and are in love with cloth diapering.

Since Love bug has come earth side I have also dove further into homeopathic remedies, essential oils, natural cleaning and body products, gardening and herbs among other things, I am currently working on my Master Herbalist and Master Aromatherapist certificates. That is my life in a but shell and I am loving it, and welcome any questions!

Peace, Love and Crunchiness
Earthy Mama


Everyone’s got one….

For sometime now my family and friends and even people I do not personally know have come to me asking for my hippie mama opinion on a range of issues. Food issues like being a vegetarian or eating gluten free. Baby issues like babywearing or breastfeeding. Kid issues like homeschooling or natural toys. Environmental issues like cloth diapering or composting. Natural medicine issues like essential oils or herbs and their uses. I figured enough people are wanting to hear my opinions so why not compile them all in one place to share and get to know some like minded people while doing it! Welcome to my life!

Peace, Love and Crunchiness
Earthy Mama

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